Rio Linda Airport / Mauser Aviation
Mauser Aviation
930 E St.
Rio Linda, CA 95673

Facilities Pics

Mauser Aviation is conveniently centered just eleven miles north of downtown Sacramento and is near national tourist attractions such as Arco Arena, Cal Expo and several competitive water ski lakes. In addition to fueling services, Mauser Aviation offers aircraft parking and hangar space plus a range of maintenance services (major and minor light plane repair, engine service and airframe work). On-site amenities include a comfortably furnished pilot's lounge with TV, flight planning equipment and rental cars.

We are known for our friendly atmosphere and prompt service. We've been here since 1975, which is owned by Bill Mauser, whose former career as a pilot spanned 50 years. We've got a lot of aviation professionals on staff--many people have been here for years. We are a mom-and-pop airport and although we are highly professional in all aspects of operation, we try to maintain a warm, customer-friendly environment. Staff members and customers alike are treated like members of one big family.
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